My Minimal Makeup Look For Everyday Wear

The latest trends are all about embracing your natural beauty and ditching the old set of beauty standards. They have also focused on minimalistic makeup looks and skincare-inspired makeup products. I prefer wearing less makeup because it is all about enhancing your natural features without heavy loading with makeup.
Lighter makeup makes me feel fresh and more confident in my skin. The best part about it is that it does not even require that much o0f time. Let’s get to my go-to minimal makeup look! It is effortless, and I promise you, it looks cute.
I begin by washing my face. It is not necessary to use a cleanser every time; merely rinse your face with cold water, and you are good to go, only if you have a decent skincare routine that you follow religiously. A significant step is to moisturize your face. I am using The Inkey List’s Vitamin B, C, and E moisturizers. It preps my skin and gets it ready for another product layering.
Next, I like to go in with a tinted sunscreen rather than sunscreen first and then a BB cream. Tinted sunscreens give an even smoother, dewy application. I am using Supergoop’s tinted sunscreen with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. The added skincare serums in it make it more hydrating on my skin, thus giving me a glowy finish.
To keep the look minimalistic, just like I stated, I am now going in with a Cheek and Lip stain by Kaja. It adds a subtle stain on my lips and a light flush shade on my cheeks. I am using a peachy-pink shade.
For my eyes, I do not use any eyeshade; however, I like to use a brow pencil to give definition to them and my eyes. Mascara is optional; sometimes, I wear it, and sometimes I don’t. Nevertheless, my favorite mascara to use is Too faced Mascara. It lengthens my eyelashes without making them look clumpy or using falsies.

Lastly, I highly recommend trying out a minimal makeup look for anyone looking for a fresh and natural style, and make sure to get your makeup products from Sephora just like I did.

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