OOTD: Everyday Fashion Wear

It could be hard to select an outfit every day, but what if I told you that you could bring about many different looks with just the same outfit? You’d be surprised by how much different styling makes to your attire. For me, the key to everyday fashion wear is comfort and versatility. I want to move around easily and feel good in what I wear without sacrificing style. Dresses are a great option for everyday wear. They make a great pairing with various stylish jackets, each style providing a unique look. Also, they suit a wide range of footwear. They have so much flexibility attached to them that I think they’re a reasonable option to
consider for everyday wear.
I am wearing a cut-out side ribbed knit body con dress. It is an elegant black dress that fits very well while giving me the needed comfort. I brought it from Shein.
Atop the dress, I am pairing a cropped denim jacket. It looks pretty cute with the dress. For footwear, there are two compatible options to choose from, and I like both sneakers and wedges. For sneakers, nothing beats a pair of classic white sneakers.
Sneakers are such that they go well with absolutely any attire. They are comfortable and cozy, perfect for long walks or when I have a lot of stairs to climb. On the other hand, I have wedges. There are limitless options to choose from in wedges. And a very staple caramel/khaki or brown colors are the most commonly worn colors, as they go with almost any color and style of clothes. I purchase my wedges collection from Revolve.

I am also carrying an everyday use tote bag with me. It is a brick-brown colored bag that looks classy. I brought it from Nordstrom.

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