Pinterest Outfits Aesthetic

If you’re ever confused about what you should wear, sometimes you could just go to Pinterest, take inspiration from there, and pick an outfit that fits your style. It has countless fashion style ideas that are easy to follow and can be worn perfectly with the proper layering of clothes. It also suggests color combinations and color-theme-based aesthetic outfits for any and every occasion. It is filled with ideas served by models and designers or perhaps even fashion enthusiasts for all those who love to stay updated on trends and styles in the fashion world.
If you’re looking for a particular aesthetic, Pinterest has a plethora of boards and pins dedicated to specific styles. For example, if you’re into vintage fashion, you can search for “vintage outfits” or “retro fashion” and find tons of boards and pins dedicated to that style.
Today, I will share one of my favorite Pinterest aesthetic outfits with you guys.

I am wearing a floral pattern button-up shirt. Floral patterns look good during the day. I paired the top with High waist-black shorts. They pair contrastingly well with the shirt and also turned out to be a great pairing.
To blend the black with the outfit, I made sure to get black sandals. Shorts look good with sandals; they pair for a nice casual combination, but the shirt adds a bit of classiness to it, and the fedora too.

Lastly, I wore a vintage fedora of the same color as my shirt. I brought my sandals and fedora from Amazon. Whilst my shorts and shirt are from Nordstrom.

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