Travel Dress-up Ideas: GRWM For A Business Meeting Trip

Traveling is hectic, and deciding what to wear can be even more troublesome. Worry not; I got you covered with the fashion and style to help you pick the exact clothes you would prefer for traveling on board for a business meeting. When we travel, the first thing to prioritize is comfort and then the look we need to maintain. Who said you could not be comfortable in formal wear? It is possible. With the right choice of clothes and style, you can sit down, relax, and enjoy the rest of your flight.
Now what is mandatory for formal wear, I suppose a blazer. I am wearing a midnight black blazer, black is a color that contrasts all the other colors pretty decently. I am not asking you to limit yourselves to black color, but instead, I am just putting a suggestion out there for you guys, and most importantly, a pro tip for you guys is to choose the classic shades (blue, black, beige, browns, and nudes). These colors are a staple color pick and can be used together to create a great outfit combination, whereas they can be blended well with other colors.
If you have picked a dark-colored blazer just like me, then make sure to wear a very light/white colored top to add the contrasting color effect. I am wearing a white knot top/underneath my black blazer.
Another best pick for bottoms with these top options would be wide-leg pants, not only are they comfortable but they also look formal, elegant, and classy. I am wearing mustard-colored ones, but I highly recommend these black ones.
Lastly, wear a pair of pumps or low heels to complete your look. These are one of my favorite low-heel picks.

I hope you got an idea of how to level up your dressing game for travel. You can feasibly find all my options from Revolve.

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