What I Wore On A Night Out With Friends?

Going out with friends is always a fun and exhilarating experience, especially after months of being cooped up at home due to the pandemic. Recently, I had the chance to go out with some of my closest friends for a night of dining. As with any night out, figuring out what to wear was challenging. I wanted to look stylish and comfortable while feeling confident and trendy. Ultimately, I settled on a combination of clothing items that showcased my personality and style.
I decided to wear a simple yet chic outfit for the night out with my friends. Where most people would wear both baggy jeans and t-shirts or sexy slit dresses, I decided to go for something mid, something that would exude classiness, as well as, look suitable for the night. I wore a double-breasted blazer in a khaki shade. It looks super elegant and classy. It is a great pick if you know how to style it with different styles. You could create a formal, semi-formal, or even a casual look with it. I put a black belt around my waist instead of the khaki one because the contrast looks good, and I knew it would match my tights. I brought it from Shein.
However, since I wanted a casual look, I went for sheer pantyhose tights with the blazer. Going to be honest, they make for quite the sexy pair. I brought them from Walmart.

As for footwear, I think I’ll go for classic black stilettos. Maybe, you could pick pumps or other stylish heels to compliment the look. And also carry a mini or midsized handbag with it too. Personalize your fit with your touch.

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