What I Wore On My Trip To Canada?

I recently went on a trip to Canada, and it was an unforgettable experience. I had heard a lot about the beauty of Canada and its breathtaking landscapes, and I was thrilled to see it for myself finally. And I also couldn’t wait to do a surprise visit to my best friend. It had been a long while since I last met her. When packing for the trip, I had to plan my outfits for the trip carefully. Canada is known for its cold and cruel winters, and I wanted to ensure I was ready for the weather. In this blog post, I will describe what I wore on my trip to Canada and how it helped me enjoy it to the fullest.
I packed warm clothes for my trip that included jackets, sweaters, scarves, beanies, and of course, boots too. With the heavily settled snow, it is easy to slip, and thus, to prevent that, boots are your best bet for footwear.
However, I liked my first-day outfit, and I will be sharing it with you guys in more detail. I wore a chamberlain blazer. It is a shimmery black-colored one that went contrastingly well with my burnt orange turtleneck sweater. It fit me greatly, and I felt beautiful in it. I paired it with Ivory-colored leather pants. They made for a great match with the sweater and are very comfortable to wear while helping you stay warm.

For footwear, I wore Lace-up boots. These brown-colored boots made for a very classic color combination enhancing my overall outfit. You could add any jewelry you like; perhaps a chain would look good.
However, I carried an essential: a handbag of the same burnt orange shade as my sweater. The bag in my picture got out of stock instantly after it was launched, but here’s an alternate. You could also take an ivory, brown or grayish-black handbag. This is it from my look. I brought my boots and sweater from Shein. While my pants, blazer, and bag are from Revolve.

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